Our American Journey – Episode 1: The Start

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Our American Journey – Episode One

The start of an adventure; a dive into world of motorcycles that started with a 69 year old Harley Davidson and kick started one hell of a sequence of experiences…

It all started with a leap into this new world with my first bike, a 1948 Panhead chopper…

Coming in episode 2 a tribe begins to develop and we’re on mission to build a 1937 Flathead for The Race Of Gentlemen….

Coming in episode 3 and 4; following the race we were on a mission to ride this 80 year old bike across the country.

A ride fueled by the unexplainable thing you feel during a handshake. It’s a connection instantly established, one of trust and truth…

Fueled by: Harley-Davidson
Director / DOP: @IanBeaudoux