Our American Journey – Episode 2: A Building Connection

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A ride fueled by the unexplainable thing you feel during a handshake. It’s a connection instantly established, one of trust and truth. Join us on our journey story.

One handshakes leads to another; curiosity, learning, and participating starts to take heed. Makers, fabricators, designers, and riders that make up the ecosystem of Harley-Davidson join the journey. We engage in the history, with the product and the people that are the essence of Harley-Davidson. Bringing yesterday and today together as a student of life. The journey sends us to Oregon then Pennsylvania. It is set in stone the goal to be in The Race Of Gentlemen.

The Journey really take heed and we build a 1937 Flathead in a pursuit to be part of the 2017 The Race Of Gentlemen.

A Journey about participating; diving in, learning, getting out there; passion is an insatiable thing; it connects people; it’s infectious.

Fueled by: Harley-Davidson
Director / DOP: @IanBeaudoux