Panda’s in Chengdu! 成都大熊猫基地 – Living Asian (Expat Journey)

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Panda’s in Chengdu! 成都大熊猫基地. If you haven’t seen the Panda’s, you didn’t visit Chengdu! This place did not disappoint! It is the first zoo-like place I have been to that didn’t make me feel sad for the animals. Their enclosures were huge and they were very clean and well maintained. The coolest part about it though is they are being prepped to be released into the wild. With out a place like this pandas might not still be here! So glad they were able to rescue these animals and also release them into the wild. The girls loved this little adventure! We could have sat and watched them eat all day. 😂 enjoy!

It may seem crazy that we moved our family from the US to China, but we know that after you see our videos you will understand why! China has so many wonderful things to offer and our life here is pretty amazing! Thanks for following along!

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