Prepare Bike and Yourself before Leh Ladakh Trip IIRRDII

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Friends, I am planning a trip to Ladakh very soon and therefore I am making all preparations for the same so that in no way I am lacking any accessory/aid which I may need at the location which I may actually be needing. So, I am making

all preparations step by step and in this video, I have tried to share the same with you so that if any of my rider friends are also planning a trip to Ladakh… they can get some suggestions from this Vlog of mine and this can be of

help for them….Do watch, like, comment and share as well with your other rider friends:):)

Remember my dear friends that since its a very long journey so it is not just important to prepare your own self but also your bike which is going to be your sole partner in this long journey and I am sure, that everyone wants that it

should be a hassle free ride!!

Here is the list the accessories/things you must carry with you while going on a trip to Ladakh:

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CANON Power Shot G7X Mark II:
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Sjcam :
Tripod :

Things to carry for Ladakh roadtrip Riding Gears—

1- Helmet with New visor
2- Riding Jacket with Thermal Liner/ Elbowguards
3- Riding Pant with Thermal Liner
4- Riding Shoes
5- Riding Gloves
6- Skull cap/bandana/balaclava

Motorcycle Spare Parts—-

1 – Toolkit
2 – Spare motorcycle key
3 – Chain Locks
4 – Spare Sparkplug
5 – Clutch and Accelerator wire
6 . Tubeless puncture repair kit for tubeless tyres.
7 – Rear tyre tube and tyre irons and valve key for tube type tyres.
8 – Foot/electric pump
9 – Engine oil 10 -Electrical tape, m-seal and steel wire
11 -Front brake lever and Clutch lever
12 – Chain Spray
13 -Funnel to pour petrol
14 – Head light Bulb
15 – Fuse and M seal

Bags and Other—-

1- Saddle Bag
2- Tank Bag
3- Tarpouline to cover your luggage or bike from Rain
4- 2 Jerry Cans of 5 lt to carry extra fuel
5- Spare Key
6- Carry enough money for the entire trip
7- MTNL or BSNL Post-Paid Connection with roaming is beast for ladakh
8- Bungee and Rubber Bands
9- Safety pins

Documents and IDs—-

1- Driving License
2- Original Registration Certificate
3- Motorcycle Insurance original and photocopy
4- PUC Certificate
5- Medical Insurance
6- Adhar card/Voter ID Card
7- List of important contacts
8- Map and itinerary 9- 8-10 Passport size photographs

Cameras and Gadgets—-

1 – Cell phone with charger
2 – Camera kit (with lenses) with spare batteries & charger
3 – Camcorder with charger
4 -Tripod and/or Shoulder pod
5 -Enough memory cards for the trip
6 – Powerbank
7 – Extention box
8 – Torch


1- Toothpaste (small tube)
2- Tooth Brush
3- Face wash 6- Cold Cream
4- Washing Detergent soap or powder (small sachet)


1- Thermal Inner wear (2 sets)
2- -20 Degree Gloves
3- 4-5 pair of underwear
4- 4-5 Shirts or T shirts
5- 7-8 pair wollen socks
6- 2 Pair jeans atleast
7- 2-3 Handkerchief
8- Raincoat and a warm jacket

Camping Gears—

1- Tent
2- Sleeping bag/ Warm Blanket
3- Sleeping matress

First Aid Kit—-

1- Cotton wool
1- medium
2- Scissor
3- Bandage Gauze
4- Diamox Tab 10(Acetazolamide)
5- ORS
6- Glucon D
7- Dettol
8- Band Aid Washproof
9- Pain Spray/ Iodex
10- Betadene
11- Medicines : Digene, Vicks action 500,D cold,Crocin Pain Relief
,Voveran SR 100mg – Relief from severe pain and
Entroquinol – Relief from Loose motion.


1- Choclates