Road Trip Tips: 19 Things to Know Before You Drive

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Everything YOU need to know before you go on your next driving adventure! We’ve road tripped all around the world and want to share some tips that we’ve learned through our time on the road. Whether you’re headed to the mountains, or the beach, these road trip essentials will help you have the best trip possible! What’s your done watching this video you’ll know how to road trip just like the pros!

00:00 Introduction to Road Tripping

00:19 – 1. Plan Ahead
Yes… I know some of the lure of a road-trip is the freedom of the open road. But too much freedom might leave you spending the night sleeping in your car in the wal-mart parking lot because all the hotels are booked or too expensive.
Plan where you’re going to sleep for the night.
Plan general area where you’re going to eat. Otherwise you may find now food on the rest of your drive
Use Google Maps to plan your route and estimate driving time.. And add 20% in case of traffic, detours, etc

02:03 – 2. Don’t overplan
Leave some freedom in your day… and some free time too.
Stay flexible…

03:01 – 3. Choose the correct vehicle
Yours or a rental car? Sedan, SUV, 4WD, snow tires, chains? Dirt roads?
If it’s your car… get it serviced before you go

04:20 – 4. Roadside assistance & Insurance
In the USA — AAA
Some premium cards cover Roadside assistance as well.. Chase Sapphire Reserve
And actually have the phone number handy
Traveling internationally? Make sure you are covered on the insurance. Nothing will ruin your trip more than an accident without insurance.
In my own car I always carry a cigarette lighter powered tire inflator

05:23 – 5. Maps
Download offline maps for Google Maps
Have a GPS (even an old one)
Paper Maps to inspire detours
Don’t assume all roads are paved. Be careful with those detours… turn back if it looks too sketchy

06:54 – 6. Download Music / Podcasts
Don’t rely on streaming services

07:10 – 7. Cell Phone Charger
You can get them with up to 4 ports
Consider USB Battery packs as well if you’ve got lots of electronics

07:25 – 8. Packing
Take some “overnight” bags.. Leave the big luggage in the car.. Or maybe only bring the big luggage in every few nights.

07:51 – 9. Beach towels/blankets to cover your stuff so you don’t have any luggage/bags showing.
Can also be used for picnics

08:19 – 10. Snacks & Water
Bring a cooler… or cooler bag… fill up with ice at hotels along the way
Hydroflask or Thermos good way to keep drinks cold
Utensils if you’re planning to eat in your car
Trash Bag

09:17 – 11. Hand sanitizer, gloves, face masks, paper towels, toilet paper

10:28 – 12. Have a bag of change and small bills for Tolls

10:49 – 13. Traveling internationally – IDP

11:10 – 14. Snowing – ice scraper, and snow broom

11:32 – 15. Scheduling
Avoid big cities during rush hour
Daytime driving is the best
Try to get to your destination by sunset
And really before the drunks get on the road

12:20 – 16. Drive the speed limit
It’s not worth the ticket and the hassle

12:54 – 17. Fill up gas frequently & use the toilet
You never know when the next gas station or toilet will be

13:41 – 18. Clean your car frequently (inside and out)
Gas station is a good spot to throw stuff away… clean the windshield.

13:58 – 19. Take exercise breaks
Your back will thank you later

14:14 – Yellow Productions Origin Story


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