Sacagawea – Heroine of the Lewis and Clark Journey

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“Sacagawea” was produced by Questar, Inc. who possesses all distribution rights in perpetuity. Written and Directed by Mr. Rolf Forsberg.

She was an expectant mother, but she endured every hardship these seasoned soldiers experienced. Without her, the Corps of Discovery would have failed. This program re-enacts her journey in her own words. Taken captive as a child during a raid, adopted into the tribe of her captors, and then married off, her adventures have only just begun. After Lewis & Clark journey to her village on assignment from President Jefferson, Sacagawea joins the expedition in seeking a northwest passage to the sea. Digging up edible roots and negotiating for horses, she saves the Corps of Discovery, time and time again.

With live-action cinematography, the Lewis & Clark journey is beautifully reenacted. The program carefully traces the journey from St. Louis to Fort Mandan in North Dakota, over the Rockies to the Pacific and back. This is the Lewis & Clark journey, in her words.