Safety Travel Tips – Essential Travel Safety Tips

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These are my travel safety tips for 2019 / 2020. My top 10 travel safety tips 2019. But also since we’re here already, also my travel safety tips 2020. I consider these essential travel safety tips because if you just follow a few of them, you’ll be safer than not. Most are common sense, but do we actually follow them. Keep in mind holiday travel safety tips are probably even more important. As any of these issues can ruin your vacation.

Travel safety is something that we don’t normally have to concern ourselves with. Well, at least until something happens. This is why I’m making this travel safety video. I first thought of 8 money safety tips for travelers, but then settled on Safety Travel Tips to just help keep you safe. Last year, Europe travel safety was a concern as we visited about 8 different countries. Thank goodness for my money belt. It gives you a sense of security. Money safety tips for travelers are partially considered, as if you lose your money or can’t use your credit card, it will be an issue. Most importantly, the passport safety tips are something you may want to consider. Solo female travel safety is also important, as some of us prefer to travel alone. Keep in mind Loctote when you think of a safety bag for travel.

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