Six@Six: Separate The Story of Plessy v Ferguson, and America’s Journey with Steve Luxenberg

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Join author Steve Luxenberg for a talk and Q&A discussion on his critically-acclaimed 2019 book, Separate, a myth-shattering narrative of how a nation embraced “separation” and its pernicious consequences.

Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court case synonymous with “separate but equal,” created remarkably little stir when the justices announced their near-unanimous decision on May 18, 1896. Yet it is one of the most compelling and dramatic stories of the Nineteenth Century, and northern Kentucky played an important role in how that story unfolded.

Steve’s talk will explore the origins of racial separation, the people caught up in the Plessy case (including a fascinating Kentuckian, Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan), and why the reverberations of the Plessy case are still felt today.