The Desperate Journey Of America's Mexican Immigrants

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Desperate Journeys (2014): As Obama defends his immigration overhaul, this report follows the harsh journeys of the South Americans dodging the US border control. From those that risk the perilous journey to those trying to defend the border.

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“I prayed to the Lord that someone would pick me up. I have been travelling for 15 days. I haven’t eaten anything.” Miguell Cerillo, a Guatemalan migrant, said he risked his life “searching for the American Dream”. After wondering listlessly across the unforgiving border, the sight of a patrol vehicle was a bitter-sweet saviour. “This is every day. Every day. Every hour. Non-stop.”, explains Officer Barbosa, a deputy of Brooks County 70 miles north of the border. It is a debate that has polarized the US public, none more so than those living on the front-line in Texas.

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