The Last IIT JEE Preparation Video You'll Ever Watch!

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This is the biggest mistake I see JEE Mains/Advanced aspirants making when they prepare for entrance exams. I want this to the last jee preparation video you watch on youtube. The reason here is simple. The far majority of people keep watching youtube videos on jee tips and tricks when hoping to find some easy way out. The reality is: there is no easy way out, there are no shortcuts. If you want that rank, that college, those marks, you’ll have to stop passively watching videos on youtube. It’s better to put that time to practicing and testing yourself. The only way for you to get better is to give mock tests, solve previous year papers in limited time and honestly find your mistakes and try to improve and get better. If you can’t, it’s also important to leave that portion and focus on the other 80% percent of the syllabus. It’s an iterative process.

Listen to my JEE prep journey:

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