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Let us go back to South America! But wait a minute, is South America safe? Yes! You just have to disabuse your mind of notorious drug cartels, natural disasters, and political instability previously in the news. Of course, just like they are everywhere, there are places to avoid in South America. But it is generally a safe place to visit. If you are thinking of moving there, here are the safest cities in South America.
1. Copacabana, Bolivia
When it comes to riches, count the country of Bolivia out. But very beautiful and safe cities are in no short supply there. Copacabana is one of such cities where people are peaceful and welcoming. It is one of the safest cities in South America where people sit peacefully on the shores of Titicaca, one of the largest lakes in Latin America. Tourists have nothing fear as people are warm with kindness and hospitality as their climate.
2. Florianópolis, Brazil
Florianópolis commands higher regards than even the Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro as one of the safest cities in Latin America. Most of the notoriety Brazil is associated with is not in the South, the location of Florianópolis. You will find long stretches of idyllic beaches there where you can bond with nature. And when you stop at Florianópolis, an island off the coast, you will find hiking trails, cafes and restaurants, and rain forests that you can explore without worries.
3. Cartagena, Colombia
Try to forget former gory pictures Colombia being the battleground for drug cartels and the most violent drug lords known the world over. Tourists haunted by the memories may write off Colombia when thinking about the safest cities in South America. However, many Colombian cities have worked hard to successfully obliterate that and build a clean reputation. One such city is Cartagena, a beautiful city, rich in the culture of respect and peace. Cartagena is a port city in the northern part of Colombia. The city leaders cleaned and defended their cities against crimes, earning for it a reputation as one of the cities with the lowest crime rates in Latin America. All tourists see these days when they visit Cartagena is tranquility and picturesque buildings and beaches.
4. Córdoba, Argentina
Let us go to Argentina and watch beautiful classical soccer. What about the theft incidences that mar the excitement and fun of Buenos Aires, the largest and capital city? No, we are heading to the second-largest city, Cordoba. This is one of the safest cities in South America. That is why tourists go there to spend thousands of dollars to catch fun. Generally, you are free to have fun overnight. Some clubs do not even open before 11 pm. and they operate till dawn.
5. Santiago, Chile
The ancient city of Santiago ranks highest among the safest cities in South America, according to the Global Peace Index (GPI). Thanks to the peacefulness of this safe city, Chile as a country is topping the list of the safest countries in Latin America. Go and spend some days in Santiago and witness what impact the combination of political stability, low crime rates, and a courteous police force can have on travelers.
Chile may have a history of earthquakes as the real threat, but Santiago as a city has been spared so far. The capital city of Chile has San Cristobal Hill that you can peacefully explore as you wander through one of the lots of trendy neighborhoods without worries.
6. Montevideo, Uruguay
Closely trailing Chile on the GPI of the South American safest countries is Uruguay. Therefore, Uruguay has the small safest cities in Latin America where tourists can have nice times. Thanks to its small population, political stability, lack of inequality, and smaller income gaps, Uruguay retains its peace.
A city contributing to Uruguay’s high peace ranking is Montevideo, the capital. It is the safest city in South America ranked in terms of quality of life. Tourists in Montevideo are offered the chance of safely exploring the city with dignity and respect.
7. Cuenca, Ecuador
Another country where you can find a very safe city in Latin America is Ecuador. Only Chile and Uruguay rank higher than this safe country that has in it one of the safest cities in South America in the GPI ranking of South American safe cities. Give that high ranking to no other city except Cuenca with its safe streets and special charms.
8. Cusco, Peru
Peruvian authorities have zero tolerance for violence in Cusco, a tourist center the country depends on as the main source of income. Therefore, violence against tourists and even among the residents themselves is extremely rare. Though there are petty thefts and few non-violent crimes in some cities in Peru, the chances of witnessing these Cusco is very rare…


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