The Spain No One Sees: 10 Days of Solo Travel and Photography on the Wild Northern Coast

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Holy wow, this is Spain?? So I’d been to different parts of Spain on a trip about a decade earlier, but a ten-day road trip across the northern Spanish Coast just absolutely blew me away. Some areas felt like Ireland or Scotland, with rugged, rocky, cliff-filled coastlines. Other places felt like the middle of the Alps. And nowhere was crowded. It felt like an undiscovered world…

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Places visited on the trip:

Day 1: Cantabria (Playa del Portio, Santander)
Day 2: Cantabria (Faro Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, Fuente De)
Day 3: Asturias (Picos de Europa National Park, Ruta del Cares, Mirador del Naranjo de Bulnes)
Day 4: Galicia (Praia das Catedrais, Serantes)
Day 5: Galicia (Costa de Dexo, Seixo Branco, Fragas do Eume, Faro do Cabo Prior)
Day 6: Long Drive (through Galicia, Castile y Leon, and La Rioja)
Day 7: La Rioja (Logroño)
Day 8: Navarra (Bardenas Reales), Basque Country (Gorbeiako Parke Naturala)
Day 9: Navarra (Nacedero del Urederra), Basque Country (Bakio, Mundaka)
Day 10: Basque Country (Bakio, Bilbao)

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