Tour Preparation List for Senegal, The Gambia, South Africa & Ghana Journey of a Lifetime

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Recording of Africa for the Africans Conference Call March 15, 2020 for Senegal, The Gambia, South Africa & Ghana Tours.This video gives you full clarity on the Journey of a lifetime tours to Africa. Tour Leader & Organizer Bomani goes into details about all the things you need to know to prepare you for the upcoming Tours in 2020/2021. Next Conference call April 19, .
Join our next Journey of a Lifetime to Senegal & The Gambia April 3-13, 2020; Ghana May 25 – June 5, 2020; South Africa Nov 20 – 30, 2020 and Ghana Dec 22, 2020 – Jan 3, 2021. Visit our website for details on future Africa Tours & Investments at Investments at Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get all of the video highlights at View our photo galleries on FB Twitter IG Email me at or Bomani Technology: Service-Support-Consultation.

Family please support our GoFundMe so we can build an African Repatriation and Pan-African Community to help our people to come home to Africa.

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