Travel 1940s South America via the Pan American Highway – Rare Historical Documentary [FULL] Video

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A rare view of the unique culture and landscape of 1940s South America!

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National Archives and Records Administration – ARC 400246, LI 229.1 – OUR NEIGHBORS DOWN THE ROAD – DVD Copied by Ann Galloway. Office of Inter-American Affairs. Department of Information. Motion Picture Division. (03/23/1945 – 08/1945). Records an expedition by motor truck along the Pan American Highway in South America. The trip begins at La Guaira, Venezuela, and continues along mountain roads and through village markets to Caracas and the oil fields of Maracaibo, with a side trip across the Andes to Colombia. Shows the cathedral and plaza of Bogota, Colombia, and scenes of Quito and Guayaquil, Ecuador. Indian farmers thresh grain, and women drive Ilamas and sheep to market. Shows scenes of the Peruvian coastline, the cities of Lima and Ayacucho, Lake Titicaca, the ancient Inca capital near Cuzco, Peru, and the city of La Paz, Bolivia. Shows the nitrate beds along the coast of Chile, street scenes at Santiago, scenes of the Argentine countryside, and the city and seaport of Buenos Aires. Shows scenes of Montevideo, Uruguay, and cotton farms, roads, and the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
Producer: National Archives and Records Administration
Creative Commons license: CC0 1.0 Universal