Two months travelling in South America

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Day1: We started our trip in Sao Paulo, one of the most dangerous cities in the world. What we experienced wasn’t criminal or felt dangerous at all. Millions of people and most of the parents of those with babies were carrying them instead of using a trolley.

Day 4: After a 7 hours bus ride heading east, we arrived at the picturesque fishing village Paraty and enjoyed a nice swim at the local waterfalls.

Day 6: 7 more hours bus ride to the east, we arrived in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, where we had the chance the celebrate New Year’s Eve with millions of locals and foreigners all dressed in white. On the remaining days, we visited the world famous Sugar Loaf and the Christus Statue.

Day 10: On our way to Patagonia, we actually had to stop over in Buenos Aires but after a couple of hours at the Airport we entered the plane again to fly to El Calafate. Here we rented a car and visited the nearby Perito Moreno Glacier, which is incredibly huge and still growing.

On the same day, we headed directly south the famous Route RA40 to Torres del Paine. You have to cross borders from Argentina to Chile and must not bring any fruits or any uncanned food. However, it’s absolutely worth the 4 hours drive, since the scenery in TDP is simply spectacular. Since it’s quite hard to find a free camping site we had to search for a while but we ended up finding one with an awesome view on Las Torres. After some days of hiking and exploring the gigantic Nationalpark by car, we headed by to El Calafate to take the bus to El Chalten.

10:41 Here we did the beautiful Fitz Roy tour.

Day 19: To avoid another long bus ride we chose to take the plane to Bariloche where we did the Chico bicycle tour which was quite nice but not really worth it. Anyways we took the 1st class night-bus to Santiago de Chile. 16:36 Here we spend only a night, since we heard that Valparaiso was way nicer 😉 and it was!

After art full Valparaiso 16:38 we had a cheap flight (90 US$ only) from Santiago de Chile to Calama.

23:00 Here we used our rental car to explore all the Geysirs and salt lakes around San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 26: After too many days in the Atacama Desert, just because the planned bus was not coming for 2 days, we finally made it on one to exit to Salta. This bus ride to us over 20 hours and 7 of them only at the border 🙁

Day 30: Therefore Salta was only a one day visit since Buenos Aires was waiting already. Here we spend a couple of days before I flew to Quito for a Spanish course. 26:50

Day 40: Ater this I worked for 2 weeks on Galapagos Islands which was awesome 🙂 28:48

Day 52: One week in the Jungle “Cuyabeno”was my final destination to round up these 2-month travel experience in South America.