Washington: a journey to the heart of American democracy. The United States and its capital.

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In this episode of Autour du monde, we move to Washington, the capital of the United States of America. A journey to the heart of American democracy.

For those who live in North America, there is nothing better than a long weekend in the city of Washington. The capital of the United States is full of all kinds of activities.

First, we visit the U.S. Capitol, an emblematic building that since 1812 has been home to the elected officials who make up Congress, the Houses of Representatives and the Senate. The Capitol is not only imposing because of its geographical location, but also because of its neuralgic role at the heart of the American political system. A trip to the American capital would not be complete without a visit to this mythical building. Inside, in addition to the Houses of Representatives and Senate, there are many paintings, statues, and historical exhibits.

Another mythical place, the Ford Theater is a must-see in Washington for those interested in American history, since it was here that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865. There is a small museum dedicated to the history of this famous president.

The National Mall is a national park that stretches a little over 2 miles long, from the Capitol in the east to the Lincoln Memorial and the Potomac River in the west. The park is home to several museums as well as many famous memorials and monuments, including the Washington Monument, the 169-meter obelisk that can be seen from every corner of the capital. It is the most visited destination on Capitol Hill with an estimated 25 million tourists visiting annually.

Home to the U.S. Constitution, the National Archives is a must-see during a visit to Washington. It also houses many important documents of American history.

The same goes for the White House. There is not much to see, but there is always action and colorful characters. For a simple photo, it is worth the detour.

Among the places not to be missed is the memorial built in honor of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States in West Potomac Park. A large white marble building in the shape of a Greek temple, it houses a monumental statue of Abraham Lincoln seated, gazing out toward the Capitol. On the grounds, inscriptions from two of his most famous speeches remind us of this president’s pivotal role in American history.

In the United States, the national sport is American soccer. A true national passion, it is necessary to attend a game during a stay in Uncle Sam. Unfortunately for us, the weather was very gloomy and we were soaked. So we ended the game at the hotel.

There are a thousand and one ways to discover the American capital and one of them is certainly by taking the Potomac, the busiest way in Washington. It allows you to discover the city from a completely different perspective.

To conclude our stay in Washington, we chose to visit the Georgetown neighborhood. Georgetown’s history dates back to the 18th century when the Scots settled there. The city was founded in 1751 by George Beall and George Gordon during the reign of George II of England. Today, the town is best known for the university that bears its name.

Director : Nicolas Asselin
Editing : Nicolas Asselin

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