Week 51: Rizhao, 日照 – Living Asian (Expat Journey)

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Week 51: Rizhao, 日照. Being a foreigner in China can be hard sometimes. While traveling to a smaller city this past weekend we couldn’t do a thing without be starred at. For the most part we are used to it, but it’s hard when you want to stop to enjoy the view or eat a snack and you get swarmed with people wanting to take your picture. We have talked to our girls about this a lot and we have explained to them why they want pictures. I’m so proud of this Emry for not being shy and for not getting annoyed (for the most part 😉). She is picking up Chinese so quickly she now even sits and chats with the little kids while they get a picture, it’s the sweetest! When she is done she always comments on how happy they got when they took a picture with her and that’s exactly what we have encouraged her to notice… “you may not be up for a photo right then, but if you do it you just might make someone’s day”. ❤️

Wynnie on the other hand is a little more timid. She wants to stay close to us and I don’t blame her, she has been aggressively picked up a few times. 🤦🏼‍♀️ She normally won’t agree to a photo but she will excitedly yell “再见!” (Goodbye) as they walk away. 😂😍

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Chance, Brenna, Emry, & Wynnie