What the f**k is "Chinese"?! My journey learning one of China's 100+ dialects: Shanghainese 中英字幕

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If you ask most people in the world what language they speak in China, the answer will definitely be one thing: “Chinese”. But did you know that China has more than 100 different dialects, and that the official language, Mandarin Chinese, is actually the second language for many millions of Chinese people?

Welcome to my new series, Curious in China, where I delve deep into aspects of modern China that absolutely fascinate me.

This time, I’m trying my hand at the local language of Shanghai (where I live), Shanghainese. It’s a completely different language to Mandarin, in fact people visiting from Beijing or Shenzhen or Hong Kong would have no chance of understanding it.

That’s why I had to try!

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