What To Know Before Solo Travelling In Japan // Tips & Advice

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Curious about what it’s like to solo travel in Japan?

I receive a lot of questions and DMs about my experience trekking it to Japan alone, so I put together a video of all the common things you need to know before jumping on a plane by yourself!

From choosing single-friendly accomodation and eating out alone, to how to take photos by yourself and my tips on managing stressful situations solo, I hope this video helps any soon-to-be solo travellers!

Have a question I didn’t cover? Share it in the comments below and I’d be happy to help!

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// hijessicaanne in japan – season two

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DAY 2 // Getting My Hair Done In Tokyo & Cute Cafes // https://youtu.be/DMBl-mYbeEk

DAY 3 // Tokyo Apartment Tour & Harajuku Backstreets // https://youtu.be/MyunJGDZydo

DAY 4 // The Countryside That Inspired My Neighbour Totoro // https://youtu.be/bH30aBFpzzg

DAY 5 // How I Take Travel Photos Alone & Bento Cooking Class! // https://youtu.be/2o37t7qMU0s

DAY 6 // Tokyo’s Hipster Town Shimokitazawa (LOTS of Cafes!) // https://youtu.be/gpdoqYB258c

DAY 7 // Visiting Persona 5 Locations In REAL LIFE! // https://youtu.be/T_m8KfkQGXs

DAY 8 // New Friends At Tokyo’s YouTube Hanami! // https://youtu.be/tJb8Flbo-Qk

DAY 9 // A Night Out In Harajuku & The AVOCADO Cafe?! // https://youtu.be/cHNo-Rk0kYw

DAY 10 // A Day Trip To Kyoto! // https://youtu.be/VeNjjGUgHrc

DAY 11 // The “Brooklyn Of Tokyo”, Daikanyama! // https://youtu.be/mub7nQewoZg

DAY 12 // Shopping In Harajuku’s Takeshita Street! // https://youtu.be/D1eQhP2BU1o

DAY 13 // A Chill Day In Tokyo’s Quiet Neighbourhood, Nakameguro // https://youtu.be/5FfcGkNcvtE

DAY 14 // HUGE Japan Beauty, Fashion & Nerdy Haul + My Last Day In Tokyo! // https://youtu.be/9qzy9r4AzM8

// hijessicaanne in japan – season one

DAY 1 // Kyoto Apartment Tour & Convenience Store Haul // https://youtu.be/Me-D5g0A91s

DAY 2 // RENTING KIMONOS in Kyoto & Hello Kitty Cafe! // https://youtu.be/TlQfTF_mUiA

DAY 3 // FEEDING DEER in Nara & HIRING BIKES in Arashiyama’s Bamboo Forest! // https://youtu.be/QbFu1OnjoGI

DAY 4 // Pressed Flower Nails, TOKYO APARTMENT TOUR & Ichiran Booth Ramen! // https://youtu.be/kw0kbXQY910

DAY 5 // DYING MY HAIR BLUE, Genki Sushi & Trying Japanese BEAUTY DRINKS! // https://youtu.be/Au9YcFVKp18

DAY 6 // VEGAN CAFE in Tokyo, Kiddyland & Shopping in Omotesando! // https://youtu.be/Dar_xzncV1k

DAY 7 // First Time at LUSH SPA & Finding POKEMON MAKEUP! // https://youtu.be/e9DbKGgBXVY

DAY 8 // REAL LIFE MARIO KART IN TOKYO & GIANT Cotton Candy in Harajuku! // https://youtu.be/UUSq9ujff7E

DAY 9 // HEDGEHOG CAFE & Seeing MT FUJI At The Shibazakura Flower Festival! // https://youtu.be/eaDxPcEarCw

DAY 10 // BEST Souvenir Shopping Spot in Tokyo & Visiting the ELLE CAFE! // https://youtu.be/XfhEDQCn4W0


I’m Jess, it is lovely to e-meet you! I’m an online content creator and lover of beauty products, working in digital marketing in Melbourne, Australia.

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