Wuhan, China (1 year after lockdown) 武汉, – Living Asian (Expat Journey)

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Wuhan, China (1 year after lockdown) 武汉. I was getting ready on a very normal day when I heard my phone buzz. I looked down and read a message inviting me to Wuhan… I was soooo confused. And the crazy thing is, I was slightly freaked out even though I know that it is completely safe and has been for a long time. Anyway, I asked more questions and found out that I was being invited to Wuhan to experience what the city has to offer and to see how they are doing a year after lockdown. I was able to see so many beautiful things and I was even able to ask a few locals about their experience during the lockdown. It was incredible to see how Wuhan is doing now and to see how the people coped and how they are moving forward. I’m so grateful for this experience! And please know that I was not paid to go to Wuhan and I was not directed on what to share. This is all from my point of view and all the people I talked to were picked at random and answered questions on the spot. I hope you enjoy this video! Thanks for the love and support. Please like, subscribe, leave a comment, and share with your friends! It helps us so much. 💛

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