Zoo Tours Ep. 65: The Award Winning African Journey | Lincoln Park Zoo

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What was once a bland house for six of the world’s largest animals, is now a tropical oasis with a single pathway that’s enclosed by natural looking facades, tropical plants, and a unique collection like no other. Though this journey doesn’t have its usual vistas and never ending savannahs, the Lincoln Park Zoo takes you to the forgotten corners of Africa’s forests, lakes, rocks, and deserts.

Vote on what zoo you would like to see featured! Below is the list to choose from, if you don’t see a particular place, it’s most likely because I featured it. Of course if that’s not the case, you can make your own suggestion. Here’s how this will work:

– Voting will take place every month for one zoo
– You can only vote for one zoo at a time per video
– The four zoos with the most votes will be decided with a poll in my community post
– If a zoo wins, it will be removed from the list/all votes will be erased, and the next one will be decided at the end of the next month.
– More dollar signs = the represented cost of travel. Please keep that in mind:)
– Reminder, just because your zoo doesn’t get picked, doesn’t mean I won’t explore options on my own.

JULY’S WINNER: San Diego Zoo

Albuquerque Zoo$$$
Aquarium of the Pacific$$$$$
Audubon Zoo$$$
Birmingham Zoo$$$
Bronx Zoo$$
Buffalo Zoo$$$
Busch Gardens$
Central Park Zoo$
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo$$$
Clearwater Marine Aquarium$
Dallas Zoo$$
Dallas World Aquarium$$
Denver Zoo$$
Disney’s Animal Kingdom$
El Paso Zoo$$$
Florida Aquarium$
Fort Worth Zoo$$
Fresno Chaffee Zoo$$$$
Georgia Aquarium$
Gladys Porter Zoo$$$
Henry Doorly Zoo$$$
Henry Vilas Zoo$
Hogle Zoo$$$
Honolulu Zoo$$$$$$$
Jacksonville Zoo$$
Kansas City Zoo$
Little Rock Zoo$$$
The Living Desert$$$
Maryland Zoo$
Monterey Bay Aquarium$$$$$$
Montgomery Zoo$$$
Mystic Aquarium$$$
National Aquarium Baltimore$
North Carolina Zoo$
Oakland Zoo$$$
Oklahoma City Zoo$$$
Oregon Zoo$$$
Philadelphia Zoo$
Phoenix Zoo$$
Point Defiance Zoo$$$
Reid Park Zoo$$$
Riverbanks Zoo$
Roger Williams Zoo$$$
San Antonio Zoo$$San Diego Safari Park$$$
San Francisco Zoo$$
Sedgwick County Zoo$$$
SeaWorld Orlando$
SeaWorld San Antonio$$
SeaWorld San Diego$$$
Tulsa Zoo$$$
Virginia Zoo$$
Zoo Atlanta$
Woodland Park Zoo$$$
Zoo Miami$
Zoo Tampa$

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